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Messaggi inviati da: dongfang
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Limestone, containing high-content of calcium carbonate, is the important participator of construction materials and industrial raw materials. In the construction of modern industry it is also the strong auxiliary. As the mining machinery equipment manufacturer for processing limestone professionally, we customize limestone ultrafine mill.
In order to make sure the high efficiency and energy-saving to process limestone powder, first of all, we should control the water-content of raw materials. And then we should analyze the performance synthetically, combing its production advantages and then control the water content, we can promote overall production efficiency and guarantee the finished product rate.
Nowadays, the ultrafine mill has increased its technique in processing limestone from its production technique. Combined with the features of limestone powder, we have designed the limestone powder grinding plant on the basis of crushing and grinding principles, which can meet different requirements of clients.
The present ultrafine mill production line has been added dehydration procedure, which is more efficient than traditional ones. Dehydration procedure can help limestone powder grinding plant to dry the raw materials, thus can effectively decrease energy consumption. In order to recall the green production and research constantly, we should innovate the production line.
ultrafine mill production procedure can realize the aim of energy saving. We sincerely hope our customers can high effectively do working. At the same time, we obey the policy of energy saving and environmental protection. We can improve and innovate the technique of ultrafine mill.
Though mining resource is rich, there are low per capita resources, uneven distribution, and supply and demand imbalance. Especially, in recent years, the serious mining resource crisis has covered a shadow on the development of industry’s future by wasting and extensive mining. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly that is a suicide development for developing with the cost of sacrifice the environment, overdraft resources, because mining resources are not inexhaustible. We had to accept and sigh for the situation hard to restored, when the resource depleted.
Recently, new policies are continuing published and revised by National Development and Reform Commission, Land Resources Department and Environmental Protection Department. Meanwhile, illegal mining and a number of mining industries was cracked down on, hence the industry cannot caprice any more. A series of action was a signal and we all believed that the chaos of mining industry should be remedied, so industry exclaimed “This time they will play hardball”.
Few construction waste crusher is not care about environment in the exploitation and fail to fulfill the mine ecological environment management obligations for a long time which lead to the damage of environment in mine and surroundings. Furthermore, few mining industry with the serious pollution also has a bad social influence. Some local people and government are scared when talking about mining, because there are kinds of illegal action, including a mass of unlicensed, cross - border and indiscriminate exploration. Traditional and construction waste crusher can not suit for the modernized mining demand. Experience tells us to build a green and intelligent and sustainable development becoming a new trend in mining development in the future, can not take the way “treatment after pollution”.
An unavoidable topic of transformation in mining enterprises is to achieve cost reduction and safety and environmental protection and increase scientific and technological innovation, facing with the continually downturn of mining market, serious situation on mining environment protection, transformation of mining form, and the difficulties of mining equipment’s upgrading. It should be made a clear, refined mining standard and illegal red line and carry out green mine demonstration base by government for the green mine to cover the full preparation. In addition, mining treatment, ecological restoration as the later work has been steadily implement to treatment abandoned mine after resource output.
As early as 2012, ZENITH conforms to the trend to fill the blank of environment to put forward the project “mining environment protection, green home” and has researched with persistence. ZENITH heavy industry takes “green mining construction” as there duty, and increase investigation in green mining construction to provide constant technical equipment support for domestic and international output. ZENITH swears to take a long way to build green mining with enthusiasm until in the end, even if it has to face to difficulties.
Mining’s change is an urgent need. There are precedents in green mining construction, only guiding with the environment protection and driving by scientific and technological innovation to form a positive interaction and optimize the mining processing chain, a reasonable layout, innovation system, models. ZENITH has responsibility to help build the green and environment mining.
As a kind of common grinding equipment, the high-efficiency grinding mill, with the advanced machine structure at home and abroad, has been updated on the basis of the property of other common grinding mills. Compared with the ball mill, the grinding mill has higher efficiency, lower power consumption, less floor space, and less one-off investment. Although the grinding rolls and the grinding ring of the grinding mill have been worn to a certain degree, the quality and the fineness of its final product are not affected due to the centrifugal force of the machine. Its quick-wear parts should not be replaced very frequently for the long service life of the grinding rolls and the grinding ring. With the cyclone separator and the blower, the ultrafine mill is of less dust.
The ultrafine mill mainly consists of the main engine, analyzer, blower, cyclone separator, and the air hose. In many industries like mining, the ultrafine mill is widely used to make ultra fine powder from many kinds of materials, such as soapstone, marble, limestone, etc. The range of the particle size of its final product is 80-425 mesh even the particle size of some material ground by it can be 600 mesh.
In the operation of the ultrafine mill, after the material is fed into the machine from the side hopper of the machine, the grinding rolls hanging on the star rack rotate around the vertical shaft and press the grinding ring, which can make the material be ground.
Before the delivery of raymond mill, the manufacturer will provide a special product manuals, it usually contains the product introduction, installation steps, characteristics and matters needing attention, the maintenance method, technical parameters, the production process, and many other aspects of content, even so, the user in addition to the installation of production in accordance with the relevant instructions on the content, but also needs to operate it correctly, at this time some users will ask, How to operate Raymond mill correctly and make it safe production? Today, I will give you a brief introduction.
Before the Raymond mill is put into production, the user needs to do some preparation works, such as the choice of site, the layout of the surroundings, the arrangement of operators, etc., after the preparation works have been made, the order can be in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, the specific correct operation steps are as follows:
Before the Raymond mill production
Check the parts installation situation of Raymond mill before the Raymond mill production, and look over whether there are any other impurities inside the equipment, clean up the impurities in time, if the components are not tightened well, should tighten them timely and then start the empty machine production to observe if there are the abnormal conditions of Raymond mill running.
During the Raymond mill operation
1. In the process of Raymond mill production, it is important to make regular feedings, should not be carried out blindly.
2. In the production, if the Raymond Mill appears sloshing, or the temperature is too high, in view of these circumstances, it is necessary to stop feeding in time, and then take off the power, check the machine timely to find out the reasons and make the adjustment in time.
3.Production personnel needs in accordance with the relevant Raymond mill structure design, as well as the process provided by the manufacturer to operate, waiting for the complete grinding of materials, and then for the next feeding.
4. At the end of the raymond mill production, need to stop the feeding first, so as to make the original material in the machine body fully ground, wait until the finished material comes out and then take off the power. It is forbidden to turn off the power before stopping feeding, or which will cause the serious wear on the related accessories and affect the service life of the Raymond mill itself.
After Raymond mill production, the user needs to regularly maintain it, for instance, replacing the badly worn parts in time,cleaning up the impurities and materials inside the equipment, lubricating the relevant parts periodically and removing the rust of the equipment regularly, they are all good for the next production of Raymond mill.
With the development of science and technology and the progress of human being, the wealth created by mining machine has accumulated and soared at an extraordinary speed. Industrial ultrafine mill has also improved people’s living standard and the advancement and development of human’s society. Frankly speaking, the history of grinding mill in our country is transient, however after multiple years of innovation and up gradation, we have taken an important lead in the market.
Nowadays, based upon traditional grinding mill, our Stone Grinding Mill has experienced upgrading again and again, from Raymond mill to high pressure grinding mill. We have deserted inherent defects and shortcomings, innovating the technology according to the practical requirements. The earlier Raymond mill can only process ores into 200 meshes, however now the Stone Grinding mill can process raw materials with Moh’s hardness under 9.7 into 80 to 3000 meshes, besides its powder grinding efficiency has also greatly increased.
The development trend of modern grinding mill tells us that ultrafine mill must be in stable working performance, self-contained function, owning certain powder grinding capacity and in intelligent mode otherwise it cannot satisfy different demand of the customers’. In the 21th century centered on environmental protection, we should change the traditional development model that at the cost of destroying the green development to realize the coordination between the economy, social development and the nature.
At the same time, every Stone Grinding mill supplier has seized the opportunity when facing up with the market competition.
Recently, one of our customers consulted some problems of ultrafine mill. He said that the output of his original old equipment declined when producing stone powder, which serious affected the production efficiency.
The main factors causing the production decline of Raymond Mills are:
1. The materials are too much or too little.
The feeding speed of Raymond mill can not be too fast or too slow, too much material will affect the performance of equipment, and too little material leads to mill idling, thus seriously affecting the production capacity.
2. Spare parts damage.
Damage to any part will have a greater impact on the final output. Therefore?fan, grinding roller and other important parts should be checked on time to find the problem and solve in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
3. The raw materials are too wet.
Large material moisture is the main reason for the decrease of stone powder production, which not only increases the difficulty of milling, but also makes the materials easier to plug the powder channel, thus leading to unsmooth work of ore milling equipment and resulting in a decline in production capacity.
4. Serious wear of equipment.
Raymond Mill mainly achieves the grinding process replying on grinding roller and ring. If the damage is serious, then the material will not be ground to the user's desired fineness, and will continue to cycle in the mill, resulting in a decline in production.
As the basis of powder material production equipments, grinding mills attract tremendous attention in the development of industry. As the new global industrial revolution is coming again, combining with modern electrical system, ZENITH makes innovative reference. With the advanced control method, under the principle of prevention and protection, and intelligent monitoring, ZENITH overturns the traditional design concept of operation and the control system of mills. The latest electrical system of ZENITH ‘s large grinding equipments for user to choose mainly includes information acquisition terminal, early warning transmission terminal, and control execution terminal, which finally realizes the integrated central control system and remote monitoring system of visual operation, and precise adjustment.
With the industrial controller as the core unit of the whole system, central control system reads the PLC (programmable controller) or ECS (raymond mill) by communication transmission technology to collect status of field device. It can conduct visual adjustment according to materials, fineness and real-time performance of mill by monitoring corollary equipments and main components of grinding center to realize the most reasonable production indexes and the most reliable mill usability.
Remote monitoring system incorporates all mill equipments into the Internet of things. Wherever you are, just an Internet-connected computer can allow customers to check the running situation of equipments, historical records at any time, and it can also provide instant early warning service. When there is potential failure in ultrafine mill, it can timely notify the relevant personnel to stop the machine and overhaul, and provide remote mentoring service, conveniently, quickly and with no dead angle. Since the control system of all operation, maintenance, and setup module adopts programming module, to optimize the technological process and production system, you only need to modify the program or reprogram and increase or decrease the corresponding hardware facilities, so as to quickly achieve upgrade, and greatly save time, labor and materials costs.
Quality Requirements of Expressway for Stone Crusher
It has high quality requirements of expressway for stone crusher that are mainly showed in two aspects; construction waste crusher are resources property such as the durability, chemical stability and surface properties as well as processing characteristics including particle size and gradation, particle shape and particle composition consistency.
Effective Method to Improve the Quality of Crushed Stone Processing
The crushing and screening equipment is a kind of mining machinery that can achieve the crushing and screening operation for stone according to certain specifications. scm ultrafine mill are 3 closed-circuit process and one main crushing equipment that is composed of one jaw crusher and two impact crusher of the whole crushing and screening equipment. Stones are coarse crushed in the first jaw crusher and medium crushed in the second crusher. Then the qualified materials will be screened by vibrating screen and the cone crusher makes the fine crushing operation to materials. The third stage is the closed-circuit composed of the cone crusher and the vibrating screen.
The whole crushing vertical roller mill operation and screening process improves the screening efficiency and guarantees the perfect particle size of the finished products. Welcome to choose crushing and screening equipment in Fote Machinery.
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